The word " hell " in Japanese sounds like wasabi , so seasoning for sushi and name . Japanese horseradish - it is the main ingredient in Japanese cooking , which is not only used in the preparation of sushi, but also in the preparation of fish and many other dishes . It is often used in sauces for dishes giving a spicy taste. Wasabi is green and pungent taste .

Sushi wasabi is usually formed into small cubes and lemon slices laid out on a board with sushi. Also, it is sometimes extruded from a special syringe , giving the original form . Before starting the consumption of sushi with chopsticks taken a small amount of wasabi and placed in a bowl with soy sauce , which is mixed , giving sauce necessary sharpness. Can be applied directly to the Japanese horseradish or roll each piece of fish alone , but do not forget that very spicy wasabi and be trifled with . This seasoning is one of the most favorite condiments , the Japanese not only due to its unique taste. Japanese horseradish contains special substances that have a number of properties that are useful for the human body .