Japanese cuisine is today one of the most popular in the world. This is not surprising , because it is harmonious , refined , varied and naturalistic . All these qualities make it the most useful for the human body . Moderation and rationality peculiar inhabitants of the country of the rising sun are reflected in the culinary traditions of Japan . Different varieties of fish and seafood make up the nutritional basis for Japanese food , because these foods are rich in amino acids and vitamins of group E , which gives them exceptional nutritional value.
Another huge plus , which is typical for the Japanese national cuisine - is its naturalism - the minimum heat treatment. Such cooking provides maximum safety of nutrients and vitamins . Sometimes we hear that low-calorie Japanese cuisine , but it is not so . Fish, soy products , and mushrooms - are proteins that are sufficiently high in calories and make a high nutritional value . But moderate their consumption with rice vinegar and other sauces that contribute to the breakdown of proteins, provide the body with all the necessary elements without overloading the digestive system of the body .
Japanese cuisine - sushi and other Japanese dishes popular in Ukraine by the fact that they are useful , easy to prepare , it is convenient to eat . After saturation is not due to a large amount of food , but due to variety of dishes for sufficiently small portions. Through this food intake and Japanese centenarians are considered and always look much younger than their chronological age .
But it is not only famous for its seafood Japanese cuisine . Noodles, rice , vegetables, mushrooms , fruits , poultry - it is not the whole list of Japanese products . Japanese eat a lot of rice , eggplant , radishes , greens and cruciferous vegetables . And of course, there is little traditional Japanese dishes without wasabi and ginger - constant companions in cooking. Indeed, despite the sharpness of these products are useful and necessary for the organism. Thinly sliced ​​pickled ginger , which is mainly fed to fish, long known for its unique properties, which removes toxins from the human body , as well as improve digestion and neutralize harmful bacteria .
The main function of wasabi - it is also about health care . At the use of exotic dishes , especially those that contain raw fish , wasabi helps disinfect it , thereby ensuring the safety of its use. Also this unique seasoning helps fight tooth decay and tooth decay , and even recommended for asthmatics doctors , because it has a pronounced anti- asthmatic effect.
Almost all of the plants that grow in Japan, used by its residents for cooking . In all condiments , dishes and sauces can be found cabbage, carrots , cucumber, radish , bamboo , lotus, yam, wasabi and other wild and garden plants .