Japanese cuisine is so versatile that every meal : sushi, rolls , scrambled eggs, noodles or soup are some herbs or spices. The use of additional ingredients helps to emphasize the basic taste qualities meals , give it a specific flavor , pleasant taste and sophisticated look .
The most common condiments and sauces for sushi

Soy sauce . With this famous Japanese sushi seasoning acquire distinctive, slightly salty flavor. It is well suited for fish dishes , poultry and meat , is used as a marinade , low-calorie and harmonizes perfectly with any kind of Japanese food products .
Wasabi. Has the property of making dishes taste bright and unique. Is used as a binding ingredient in almost all Japanese cuisine , is a member of sauces and rolls , gives the necessary sharpness sushi with raw salmon or crab meat . Spicy flavor , delicate, specific aroma and light green wasabi sushi master help decorate roll and improve its taste .

Sesame . Sesame during sushi is white or black, and mainly for decorative purposes. It has clearly marked taste and is very useful as it contains useful to an organism vitamins E , B1, and minerals - copper, zinc, calcium , phosphorus, magnesium and iron. Is an important component of rolls , salads, soups and main dishes of rice or noodles.

Pickled ginger . His ability to refresh and enhance the flavor dishes are simply stunning . If you try a few different kinds of sushi , then biting ginger can distinguish all the flavors and get incomparable aesthetic pleasure. Ginger has disinfectant properties and helps to improve digestion .

Rice vinegar . It has a delicate sweet flavor and delicate aroma , used for marinating fish and rice . Is part of salads, seafood dishes , harmonizes well with vegetables and poultry served to noodles , soups and various types of sushi.

Walnut sauce . Consists of peanuts ( or other nuts ) , sesame seeds and sesame oil and lemon juice. Used in Japanese cooking , as salad dressing " chuka " and complements the taste of various dishes of vegetables, adding them to an unusual flavor .
Sauce " Tabasco ." Made of red pepper pulp and different spicy and sour- sweet taste. Popular among gourmets who prefer to give some " spice " and sharpness of Japanese dishes .