Sushi not like not one European dish , so the people who fall for the first time in a Japanese restaurant , are uncomfortable , not knowing how to properly use this national dish . The Japanese are very sensitive to the use of land , bringing the meal before the ceremony.

In Japanese, Sushi - bar basically all eat this dish by using bamboo sticks . For the visitor immediately served hot towel oshibori in order that he could wipe his hands before eating . TO ROLL Japanese tradition served with wasabi , soy sauce and pickled ginger leaves . Each roll is dipped in sauce or vegetable or fish side without touching the rice , and then goes to the mouth. Put into the language of the Japanese roll so that first taste of the sauce , then fish , then cucumber , and at the end of the last chord sounds taste of rice. If the Japanese want to give the dish sharpness , then added a little bit of wasabi and ginger leaves remarkably clean mouth taste one of styrene in order to proceed with the use of another . Ginger is used in Japan only to change the finish. All Japanese sushi bars recommended for sushi and rolls ordered green tea. He drank small sips after each portion of land in order to refresh your mouth before another meal. Eating rolls Europeans for the Japanese a very amusing spectacle . Rolls fact may be large in size and cut them is not accepted , so take careful not to ruin it for the novice is not easy. A difficulty in the mouth zapihnuv great sushi, European resembles a hamster . Also deters many that sushi must- eat with chopsticks , but not everyone is able to use them skillfully . To eat sushi optionally use chopsticks , you can be the float arm. Under Japanese sushi eating etiquette is quite appropriate . Importantly, do not poke chopsticks food - this is bad form , they are not used as a fork . Also sticks can not point to objects on the table and led to arrange battles as sometimes children do. Many Europeans do not know in what order you need to have is a Japanese dish. First you need to have a roll as dried seaweed quickly absorb moisture, thereby worsening their taste, and then eating sushi and sashimi , and it does not matter in what order. An insult to the Japanese rice is half-eaten . You can not eat up a piece of fish or algae , but not in Fig. In addition to traditional green tea , eating sushi when allowed traditional Japanese rice wine sake. Although fans of wine, beer or champagne to wash down their sushi is usually not forbidden.